Top left is the old me. 2 sharing sized bags of chocolate and a packet crisps. Now I bring lunch/dinner with me and snack on pistachios, yogurt and fruit. In the mornings I have a smoothie; Kale, spinach, pomegranate juice, cashew nuts and varying fruit (banana works best!). If i’m off work then breakfast ideas include poached eggs on a wholemeal, ancient grain muffin with spinach, followed by organic beef/chicken/pork for dinner or a nice smoked fish (hake, sea bass, cobbler) with mandatory veg (baby carrots/ broccoli/ asparagus/spinach/peas).

Trying our best to buy only organic. Trying to avoid most processed food, bread and wraps we’re trying to get wholemeal, brown, multigrain varieties with as few ingredients as possible whilst cutting down on these items.

Trying to get the life balance right. Good job I like spinach.